Digital Modelrailroading

(latest page update: 22 December 2013)

I stopped with the model railroading hobby. The information here may not reflect my actual interests!

What am I doing with Digital ModelRailroads

Software for Digital Modelrailroads


I started programming for Märklin Digital in 1991, mainly for an eComStation platform (formerly OS/2), but I have also some DOS variants, check my list for Märklin Digital. Gradually I extended the functionality of my software and it is currently supporting multi-protocol, supporting several of the most pupolar systems: Lenz Digital Plus version 2 and 3, Trix Selectrix, Uhlenbrock Intellibox and Digitrax Loconet with DigiTrax MS-100 and John Jabour's LocoBuffer). The system dependencies are completely encapsulated and hidden for the main application. Programs based on 'DigiAPI' are by definition multi-protocol. New protocols can be added easily without any change of the main application.

My favorite Internet sites for modelrailroading

I have listed only a few sites, which are my favourites, of course related to my actual and personal field of interest!

Mailing Lists

{digiThalys} is aimed at digital modelrailroaders in Holland and Belgium, but of course Dutch speaking people from other countries are welcome too. This mailing list, together with my homepage can be considered as the continuation of my former Bulletin Board digiThalys which is down since January 1998.

{IBX} (IntelliBox eXpertise) is an international mailing list for users of the Uhlenbrock Intellibox. It is not a formal support channel of Uhlenbrock, but among the subcribers are a couple of experts which can answer many questions. In the Files-section of this mailing list you may find some interesting additional documentation and test programs.

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