Software for Digital Modelrailroads
supporting multiple protocols

Overview of model railroad control information and software

I stopped with the model railroading hobby, most of the material you'll find here is not maintained anymore!
Source material, if not presented here, can be made available on request.

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Asynchronous Datacommunications Monitor
AsynMon is a datastream monitoring program for a personal computer running DOS. It is particularly equiped to view and analyse the dataflow between a computer and a digital modelrailroad of any brand and protocol. Both input and output datastream, as well as control signal changes (like CTS), are recorded. Look at a screen capture to get an impression of its online monitoring capabilities.
Traffic and events are recorded with a high resolution timestamp with .0001 sec. precision. A log formatting utility AsynFmt converts the log into human readable format.
It is possible to use AsynMon with a single COM-port and still monitor both transmit and receive data, with a simple do-it-yourself adapter. Schematics and print layout included, see also this photograph!
AsynFmt produces also a frame (command/reply) level trace file for several popular digital system protocols, which can be formatted with DigiTrace.
This version of Asynmon is compiled with MS C 6.00a compiler and replaces the previous functional identical version compiled with the Open Watcom C/C++ Compiler because of undetermined errors.
Version 2.6a, released 20 March 2009.
DOS, Freeware for private users only.
Click or AsynMon 2.3 or AsynMon 2.4 or AsynMon 2.5 or AsynMon 2.6 to download a previous version.

Direct Drive for Märklin Digital model railroads.
Control your railroad with a PC without the need for a Control Unit and Interface, and still use your original control programs written for the Interface without any change. Requires a booster, such as Märklin Digital, Märklin Delta Control, EDiTS, or any other.
New: Extended loc addresses: 1..255; docs extended.
A schematic diagram shows the difference between the standard hardware solution and the software solution with Booster.Sys.
Version 1.3, released November 2000.
eComStation, SHAREWARE.

Calibration of speed of Märklin Digital locs. Automatic forward and backward run with selectable speed range.
version 0.4.
eComStation, DOS, FREEWARE, released 28 October 1997

Application Development Library for computer control of modelrailroads.
This package contains an eComStation and a DOS implementation of the library delivered with Railroad & Co by Juergen Freiwald, and it supports Märklin Digital, Lenz Digital Plus and Trix Selectrix.
The package contains an eComStation DLL and a DOS link library.
eComStation and DOS, Shareware (45 days trial),
version 2.3, released 21 February 1999.
This version of DigiAPI is not any longer maintained. It remains available for some time, because of its support for DOS, which is discontinued in version 3.0 (see below).

Application Development Library for computer control of modelrailroads.
This version of DigiAPI is a special edition:
  • The DigiAPI functions have to be called with Pascal calling convention. When you use C, this is automatic, since DigiAPI.h specifies "pascal" in the function prototypes. There is no Pascal equivalent of DigiAPI.h provided.
  • The package is only for DOS (no eComStation material).
  • In addition to the LDigiAPI.lib file the OBJ files are provided separately.
These changes should make it possible to use DigiAPI with TurboPascal. This version has been tested only with a C program (Handig 2.5), but not with any Pascal program!
Version 2.5, released 21 August 2004.
DOS, Shareware (45 days trial).

Application Development Library for computer control of modelrailroads.
This package contains the source material for the last version of DigiAPI for eComStation or OS/2 Warp. The included file Build.txt contains build instructions.
version 3.3, released 14 January 2008.

Protocol Analyser ("datascope") for Digital modelrailroads.
{eCS} Recording and analysis of datastreams between computer and Interface, realtime display of the status of locs, switchpoints and feedback signals in a pseudo graphical image on the screen. Optionally stores all data traffic between Computer and Interface in a logfile with a high precision timestamp, to be formatted with DigiTrace. Extremely useful with debugging your modelrailroad control programs!
Currently supports both Märklin Digital and Lenz Digital Plus, Trix Selectrix, Uhlenbrock Intellibox, Digitrax Loconet systems. Documentation in HTML format. See screen capture for an impression of its screen output.
Version 3.1, released 2 September 2001.
eComStation, Freeware (demo version).

Trace Formatting utility for the trace facilities in my programs based on DigiAPI version 3.0 and higher, and some other programs. Supports traces of Märklin, Lenz, Selectrix, Intellibox and Loconet on Interface level (the datastream between Computer and Interface) produced by DigiAPI, DigiScope, Booster.Sys, the Motorola Packet datastream on the rail as recorded by DigiScope and the output of the frame level output of AsynFmt version 1.9 and up.
Supports also some other protocols, like Lenz Xbus, FSbus (for Flight Simulator).
eComStation and DOS versions, Freeware,
Version 3.3, released: 4 January 2006.
Click on DigiTrc 3.1 to download a previous version.
HandyHandy Simple Märklin Digital Hand[y]-control from computer keyboard, Version 0.8.
Replaced by multiprotocol version Handig.

Simple modelrailroad control program based on DigiAPI Version 2.5.
Supports Märklin Digital, Lenz Digital Plus, Trix Selectrix, the Uhlenbrock Intellibox (limited) and most of the facilities described with version 3.0, see below.
DOS only, freeware (45 days trial),
Version 2.5, released 21 August 2004.

Simple modelrailroad control program based on DigiAPI Version 3.0
{eCS} Supports Märklin Digital, Lenz Digital Plus, Trix Selectrix, new: Uhlenbrock Intellibox and Digitrax Loconet. You can control all types of decoders: loc, function, combined loc/function, switch/signal (with automatic reset) with the full address ranges. It monitors and displays sensor information status with continuous refresh. For systems with the appropriate support, it also displays the results of operating manual model railroad control devices.
HANDIG uses normally 1 COM-port for commands and feedback, but it can also use 2 COM-ports: one for commands, the other for feedback. This allows for example to use "direct drive" for loc and switch commands and use an Interface connected to another port for sensor monitoring. Each port has free choice of protocol, so you could even control a Lenz DCC modelrailroad with a Märklin interface to read S88s.
Its rudimentary pseudo graphical user interface provides simple control but has also powerful single-key macro-commands. Have a look at a screen capture for an impression of its appearance on the computer screen.
eComStation only, Shareware (45 days trial) requires DigiAPI 3.0 or newer,
Version 3.0, released 15 May 2001.
HST/2Fully automated modelrailroad control program with a combination of random train movements and manual control (under guardianship).
{eCS} The central control program is designed as server for client programs, and makes extensive use of standard eComStation features, like multithreading, multitasking, named pipes, queues, high resolution timer, networking, etc. The program ensures safe and "natural" train movements, even for manually controlled trains, and is highly configurable with tables, and usable for any modelrailroad, no limitations.
HST/2 can simultaneously communicate with multiple client programs which may run on the same computer or LAN connected computers, via NamedPipe or NetBios sessions. An example of such a client is a graphical display program which shows the layout of the modelrailroad with an animation of train movements and actual position of switchpoints. It has possibilities to scale, zoom and rotate the animation window.
There is also a "replay" program as a sort of standin-server. It performs a timed playback a previously recorded session log, useful for debugging and presentations without the actual modelrailroad.
The program is not available yet, but you may have a look at the global internal program organisation and a screen capture of an animation window.

Basis ontwerp voor een modelbaan besturingsprogrammma.
Note: Text in Dutch language!.
Documentatie versie 0.8 van een ontwerp voor een computer gestuurde digitale modelbaan. Bestemd voor diegenen die voor zichzelf een besturingsprogramma willen gaan maken.

IBterm version 0.8 A universal terminal emulator, with special features to use the Uhlenbrock Intellibox with P50Xa protocol.
{eCS} Practically all communications/port parameters can be changed dynamically: COM-port, linespeed, character format and several flow control parameters. Keyboard input (optionally echoed to screen) and incoming data can be in ASCII character or hexadecimal. Provides a log buffer with variable number of lines and linewidth, scrollable forward and backward. See a screenshot of the setup window.
eComStation only, Freeware, released: 01 October 2000.

Highly Unofficial List of Intellibox Special Options An overview of specifications of Intellibox Special Options.
Released 1 september 2007.

LPT port measurement project for the S88LPT adapter version 2.0.
All Dutch document and test program for subscribers of the "digiThalys" mailing list.
Released 15 May 2000

Driver and API (Application Programming Interface) for Märklin Digital.
Simplifies considerably the development of model railroad control programs, many "standard" functions are provided (buffered interrupt driven communications with Interface; high-precision timestamp routine; background sound; automatic reading of S88s in background; etc). Offers a uniform interface for eComStation and DOS programs written in C, QuickBasic, and other languages with the same linking conventions.
Comes with extensive programming documentation and sample sources.
Still available, but development and support discontinued. Replaced by the multiprocol version of DigiAPI.
Version 1.7, released 28 October 1997.
eComStation, DOS, SHAREWARE.
MklScopeProtocol Analyser ("datascope") for Märklin Digital.
Version 2.0
Obsolete, replaced by multiprotocol version DigiScope.

Data Recorder for Märklin/Motorola packet datastream on the rail.
This program picks up the Digital signal from the outlet of Control Unit or booster or from the rail and stores the packets with a timestamp in a disk file. It has no realtime display of the data. May not work correctly when packets for switches and/or old-fashioned function decoders are encountered.
Needs DigiTRC to format the recorded data.
Version 0.4, released 11 September 2000.
eComStation, Freeware (demo version).

Programming of Uhlenbrock decoders for Märklin Digital.
Customise your decoder more comfortably and even when you have not the required type of Control Unit.
Version 1.3, released 28 October 1997.
eComStation + DOS, SHAREWARE.

Model railroad related electronics projects

S88LPT adapter

Reading of Märklin feedback encoders (S88) via the Märklin Interface is relatively slow and gives interference with sending loc and turnout commands via the same Interface. Using 'direct drive' (generating the digital datastream in the PC and sending it via a COM-port to a booster) is nice, but it lacks the possibility of reading feedback.

These are 2 reasons to provide an alternative way to read S88s. The possibility presented here is via the parallel (LPT) port of a PC.
This requires a small adapter to provide the necessary power and galvanically isolate the PC and modelrailroad to protect the relatively sensitive parallel-port of your PC. Herewith the schematics of 2 S88 adapters. The simple one uses only a buffer chip, the other is an opto-isolated variant of the first. See here a possible layout of the opto-isolated variant on a piece of strip-board, and the picture of a completely built adapter of the opto-isolated variant.