Microcontrollers, Electronics, eComStation
and Model Railroading overview

{MicroChip} {PICkit 2} PICmicro software Some sample programs in C-language, like: LCD dual thermometer, RS232 communications, Christmas project. I'm also programming for PICs in JAL, of which you can find samples in Jallib. All programs include annotated source, schematics, etc. You can find also some programs for PIC 'In Circuit Serial Programming': eComStation clones of XWisp and ZPL, an eComStation version of the JAL-compiler and more. There is a separate page devoted to the PICkit 2.

{BreakOut Box} Electronics projects Several rather simple but useful hardware tools and a few 'gadgets'. Some tools are of general purpose, others are more specific, like to control and monitor computer controlled modelrailroads.

{DownSort} {eCS} Bulletin Boards and miscellaneous. Several utilities for FidoNet Bulletin Boards like Downsort and others for Maximus CBCS based systems, and more general programs like DCF77R, SendCom2 and others. Most programs are for eComStation, the troublefree Operating System

{Thalys} {eComStation} Digital ModelRailroading. Although my model railroading hobby is in sleep state, here you'll still find a short description of my interests for and activities with computer controlled modelrailroads, lists to my personally developed model railroad software - mostly running under eComStation (OS/2) - such as software supporting multiple digital modelrailroad systems.

A personal note Maybe the last you would want to know: some personal background information.