List of PIC-specific include files for use with JalV2

This is the result of several Python scripts, as sub-project of a central JalV2 library repository 'Jallib'. The aim is to provide a device file for every PICmicro supported by the JalV2 compiler. Every device file contains device specific constants, variable declarations and special procedures. Other Jallib libraries are based on the conventions used by these device files. The scripts scan and interpret MPLABX for appropriate information (in particular .pic files). Only the 8-bits flash PICs are selected (10F, 12F, 16F, 18F and their HV and LF variants).

The device files listed below are available for download but beware:

These device files follow the Jallib conventions and may replace the device files of Jallib but are not authorized by the Jallib team. Jallib libaries can be found at: 'Jallib'.

I appreciate comments and suggestions for improvements.

When you are interested to participate in development and testing for Jallib you should consider to join the Google group Jallib. Of course you may also browse the Jallib repository.

Since medio november 2017 up-to-date Jallib device files are back on Jallib again!